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Who We Are

Our Firm

PaySmart, Inc., is a trust-driven accounting, bookkeeping, HR and tax services firm with a personal touch! Our industry is driven by relationships and through relationship we develop trust among our clients.

Our team of experts comprised of a minimum 5-15 years experience in the the field. Our job requires us to be responsive and attentive to our client's need and we deliver results. Our goal for them is to eliminate that administration part of the business so our clients can focus on building their business and increase sales.

Our promise and values are summed on the diagram to the right!


The hand of the diligent will rule, But the slack hand will be put to forced labor.

Proverbs 12:24

Our Team

PaySmart is synonimous with TRUST. Without our client's trust, we wiill not be in business!

In this economic times, what the owners need are partners that can help support and achieve thier business objectives. Our strategy starts by understanding our clients needs. As soon as we have a good grasp of their operational and manpower needs, then we can draft the best solution for them. PaySmart, Inc. offers a suite of services that is the best in the industry.


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